Twitter Calls For Translators, Plans To Launch In New Languages

Language translation is a breathtaking job and translating the words, phrases and the structure of one language into another can only be achieved, if one seeks help from the community, rather than build algorithms and bots.

Twitter is no exception.

The micro blogging site has just announced a translation service at where volunteer can help translate Twitter applications and it’s mobile apps into more international languages. Twitter wants to crowdsource the support for more international languages from the Twitter community and launch supported apps to a language specific audience.

Twitter translation service into more languages

Twitter says that the volunteers and translators will be translating a product or an application and not the actual tweets. The translators will work on improving the current languages and will help Twitter to expand in new ones which includes Russian, Turkish, Indonesian and Portugese.

When you have signed up as a Voluenteer, you can click “Translate this page” link on any page at and a Translate box will popup pointing to specific phrases and words. Next, all you have to do is type in your own translation or vote on another translation within the box. The box then jumps to the next phrase until you have translated everything on that page. Then you move to the next page, a volunteer is free to translate as much or as little as he likes.

Twitter says that once their Engineers have accumulated a good amount of data, they will review the translations, sort them and pick the most accurate one.The end result is that the community helps build a support system for Twitter so that the site can expand it’s platofrm and apps onto other international languages. is currently offered in English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Italian. All of these languages are included in Twitter’s translation center and if you are using is any of these languages, you can sign up as a Volunteer and help Twitter expand into newer languages.

Using the help from Community is the only way out for nearly accurate translations (don’t expect a machine to be as accurate as a human). We have seen Google Translate’s voice translation in action and how Google offers inline language translation to website owners via Google Translate’s AJAX API.

Some of the features included in’s language translation are phrase tagging, special translator profiles, phrase commenting etc. As a translator, you can choose to help translate and it’s mobile site,  iPhone and Android apps, Twitter’s business center or Twitter help center. With support for more international languages, Twitter aims to increase it’s authority and reach among language specific users and improve some numbers.


  1. Why should be translating free for Twitter? i would love some feedback from fellow translators…


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