How To Turn Chrome Into A News Summary Dashboard

People use Internet for different purposes. One of which is getting news updates from all around the world. For people like Businessmen, traders etc it is very important to stay on top of news everyday. Even for normal people who have interest in a category and want to know what’s happening in that area, one will go to Internet and search for updates.

Everyday people talk about what’s happening around the world and give their personal opinion on their social accounts. Depending on popularity of a particular topic, we can see what topic is trending on sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. With this growth of importance of News, every popular news paper has it’s online edition and update with new information right after it happened and help people discover new topics.

There are popular sources for news in Internet already which report best news every time. But there is no single site which produces best content in all categories. There are separate sources for different categories such as Tech, Entertainment, Politics, Science and Technology etc. It is a tedious task to visit many sites to get all information for one person. That’s why news curators came into picture. Even popular websites like Google, Yahoo and MSN produce news from various sources.


If you use Chrome browser, no need to depend on any curator to get all updates. There is a simple extension to serve this purpose for you. It is called TL;DR.


The nice things about this extension are:

  • No need to open any website and wait for it to load. It sits inside your browser. You can see updated news items whenever you open a new tab right away.
  • It has a nice view of displaying items. With title, image and source of the news you can get an idea of the item easily and view the item if you want to. Every item will have a tag attached to it showing the category it belongs to. You can scroll down to view more items.
  • Items get divided based on category. Top Stories category displays latest top stories from various categories from various sources. You can navigate to various categories you like such as Science and technology, fitness and health, Gadgets, space, TV, Video Games etc by switching to that tab.
  • There are other features like you can turn on desktop notifications and subscribe via email to get daily updates into your inbox in Menu bar present at top right corner.

You can download it for Chrome here.


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