Turn off Email Notifications Of Google Plus Mentions, Comments And Photo Uploads

Some good news! I have just signed up for Google + – Google’s brand new social networking site which aims to redefine how social sharing works. At this moment, you will need an invite to join Google +, we are giving away 10 invitations for Google + here.

Get a Google Plus Invite

If you need a Google plus invite, simply comment in this post and leave your Gmail address. Please leave the same Gmail address which is used to create your Google profile and not your Google Apps email address or any other random email address. We will send you Google Plus invites shortly. If you have joined Google + and want to customize the email notification settings, this short tutorial will show you how to do just that.

Customize Or Disable Email Notification Settings of Google +

Whenever any of your followers or Google + friends mentions you in a comment, shares a post with you, tags you in a photo or adds you to his Google + circle, you will get an email delivered to the same email address you used to sign up for Google Plus. While some of these notifications may come in extremely handy, overtime you will realize that these notifications are cluttering up your inbox.  Also read: disable notifications for specific posts in Google Plus

Here is how to turn of email notifications for Google+:

1. Login to your Google Plus account, click your name at the right top position and choose “Account settings” google-plus-account-settings 2. This is the account settings page of Google Plus where you can disable email notifications from Google Plus for some or all of the activity where you participate. google-plus-account-settings1 The settings page speaks of itself. You can turn off email notifications for the following settings:

  • When friends mentions you in a post.
  • When friends shares a post or tags you in a post.
  • When friends comments on a post you were tagged in.
  • When friends comments on a post after you have commented on it.
  • When friends wants you to tag you in a photo or video – they will need permission from you and this permission will be sent as an email notification.
  • When friends comments on a photo you were tagged in or where you have commented earlier on.

That pretty much explains how to turn off email notifications for  your Google Plus profile. Please note that these notifications will continue to work in your Google Plus profile, it’s just that you won’t receive them in your email inbox.


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