How to Turn Off Location Based Ads on iOS

Unquestionably, iOS is one of the best platforms what you can opt for a mobile and tablet. All those apps, games, and functions are making this platform even better. On iOS 10, Apple has made several improvements like Bedtime, Low-Quality Image, Lock Screen Widgets, etc. Although this is not new, you can still find it in iOS 10, and that is Location-Based iAds. For your information, there is no difference between Location Based Ads and iAds. This is just a branding method of Apple.

What is Location-Based Ads or iAds?

Suppose, you have turned on the Location Service on your iPhone. That means, your device will frequently capture your location and store them in your device so that you can check where are you been earlier. By capturing those areas, your device sends the data to the various ad networks, and those ad networks display ads based on your location. Suppose, you were in Apple Store, and your device has captured this place. Therefore, you can find tons of Apple products related advertisements on your mobile while browsing the internet.

Sometimes, this is great if someone needs to buy something. However, if you have been in that store just to check whether the new iDevice has arrived or not, you might get some problem if your device starts showing ads based on your location. Therefore, to solve this issue here is a simple solution. You can easily turn off location based ads on iOS without using any third party tool or jailbreak your device.

Turn Off Location Based Ads on iOS

This is very easy and not much time consuming. Like said before, you do not have to install any third party app on your iOS device as well. At first, open Settings and go to Privacy. Here, you can find Location Services. Scroll down and tap on System Services.

On the next page, you should get several options such as Cell Network Search, Compass Calibration, Emergency SOS, Find my iPhone, etc. On the same screen, you will get an option called Location-Based iAds. By default, it should be turned on.

Disable Location based ads on iOS

Just toggle the corresponding button to turn it off. That’s it!

There is yet another option called Location Based Alerts. Sometimes, we set reminders based on location. However, if you think you are not using that kind of reminders, this is a good choice to disable it to get quite better battery life. For that, just toggle the Location-Based Alerts button.


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