How to Turn Off Monitor when You Lock Computer

Windows computers are popular than any other platforms because it has a lot of awesome features and software. You can find dozens of thousands freeware available for Windows. This is why everyone often opt for Windows instead of Mac or Linux. If you are using Windows, you know how easy it is to handle a Windows PC. On the other hand, some awesome Windows 10 features have made it even better.

Sometime, we lock out computer for different reasons. For example, you are doing something and someone else has arrived in front of your PC. To protect the confidential data, you can certainly lock down your PC by pressing Win + L. The existing lock screen will be appeared after pressing those buttons together. In addition, suppose, you just want to lock your Windows machine for any reason.

If you are using desktop, then there is no problem. But, if you are using laptop, power saver plays a vital role. The more you can save, the better for you and your laptop. This is needless to mention that your laptop will run for longer time, if you have more battery backup. To save battery from being drained by different apps, there is a different guide. But, you can also save power by turning off the monitor when it is running on battery and having low battery backup.

When you lock down your PC, it defines that you are not going to use it. At such times, you should definitely turn off monitor so that you can save some backup. Although, it won’t get you one more hour, but you can certainly gain at least 10 to 15 minutes of backup – it depends on the time though. If you really want to turn off monitor when you lock computer, here you go. Here is a simple tutorial that will let you do whatever is mentioned above.

Turn Off Monitor when You Lock Computer

This is very easy with Mpowersaver. Mpowersaver is a free tool for Windows and you can download it for Windows 7 and later version. If you are using Windows 10, you can still download and use this software.

It comes with a basic feature that Windows is not having currently. At first, download Mpowersaver for your Windows PC. This is a portable software. Hence, there is no such thing like installation.

After opening Mpowersaver on Windows, you will get window like this,

Mpowersaver Turn Off Monitor when You Lock Computer

You do not have to do anything in order to get help from this app. Only opening is enough to turn off display after locking the computer. There are more other features like,

  • Start Mpowersaver on computer startup
  • Lock and turn off the monitor when inactive for “n” minute
  • Turn off the monitor when system is inactive for “n” minute
  • Schedule computer to Sleep/Hibernate/stand by/restart/shut down at particular time

This is a simple software and this is how it works. Hope you will get help from this simple portable and free app.

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