How To Turn Your Resume Into An Attractive Infographic

As the corporate companies are growing day by day, it is giving employment to many people. Professional growth of a person depends on his skill-set and how he showcases them. Platforms like LinkedIn help a person to show his experience and expertise very easily to the world. Even if you want to get a new job or plan to change to another company, getting noticed by the recruiters is very necessary. That is why HR interview plays a crucial part while selecting a candidate.

India is a country which produces huge number of engineers every year. Because of this huge competition, if you want a job, it is very important to get noticed by the recruiter of the company. One of the very important things which brings the attention of the recruiter is your resume – a document showcasing your educational background, work history and your skills. It must be simple yet contain necessary points that help recruiter to asses you. Many times job seekers fail to write a good resume. Either they make it lengthy by adding unnecessary paragraphs and sections, or they miss the important ones. It is very important to have an attractive resume before you go to an interview. Is there any way to turn your resume into information graphics representation?


If you have this question in your mind, then you’ve came to the right place. The answer is yes. There is a web service called ResumUp to fulfill this task. It helps you to create a visual resume that helps you to asses yourself.

How to use this?

Even though there are CV visualizes available on the market, ResumUp works easily and has nice templates.You can login into the website to start using this service. This service provides you different templates to choose from. Either you can choose an infographic representation or office templates are also available which will be divided into necessary sections. By filling those sections, you can have your own resume.


You can login using your facebook or LinkedIn or manually using your email Id. It can grab details automatically from your social profiles or you can enter it manually. After entering your details you can get your resume. You can add your educational details, your skill sets, achievements, awards in a nice visual graphical format and make your resume look great.


Final Word

This is a nice web service to turn your resume in a visual way. You can use it depending on your needs. If not completely, you can add elements of it in your resume to make it better. You can choose a template that suits best for you.


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