Twitter Is Coming Up With New Feature “While You Were Away”

Twitter is coming up with new feature similar to Timeline of Facebook. It is called “While You Were Away”. Twitter has made a statement in November of last year that, it will be rolling out many advanced features for Twitter users. This feature of “While You Were Away” is said to be one among those advanced features.

 This has been rolled out for few users as of now and it is on it’s way for many users. Whenever you open a Twitter App, you can see your popular tweet which was tweeted a long time back, with the text “While You Were Away”. Twitter is making users to stick to the App and it is working on it. It has developed an Algorithm in such a way that, that shown Tweet is the one people in your contacts might be interested to see it.

While You Were Away

In November, company said that, it would search for your best tweets and will display them on top of all your tweets. If it is that, then you will not miss your best tweets.

So, keep looking for this new feature when you open the Twitter App. Please, do share with us through comments, if you want to add anything more.

Source: TechCrunch


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