Follow Any Twitter User Via SMS, You Don’t Need a Twitter Account Anyway

If you are not residing in U.S, please skip this.

Twitter has just rolled out a new feature (read Twitter Fast follow) which allows you to follow any twitter user via SMS, even if you don’t have a Twitter account. This feature is only applicable if you live in U.S.

To follow any Twitter account via SMS, all you have to do is send an SMS message in the format follow [username] to Twitter’s shortcode 40404. Once triggered, you will start receiving all the tweets and updates as SMS messages. Yes, the tweets will be reach your mobile inbox in real time !

Here is how the SMS message is expected to look like:

Twitter Fast Follow SMS Syntax
Twitter Fast Follow

The idea behind Twitter’s Fast follow feature is to engage users who are not socially savy or those who are not using the social site to this date. For example: If you see any Twitter username on a social event, on a restaurant, billboard – simply text message the syntax to Twitter’s short code and start receiving all the realtime updates for free.

Turning off the Tweets is also easy, just send “off” or “on” back to the 40404 number. To get the most recent tweet of any Twitter user, you have to text t ‘Get [username]’ to 40404. There are a whole lot of Twitter SMS commands, you can find the entire list here.

This feature is also going to benefit those users who hardly find any time to use Twitter during work hours or their workplace conditions do not permit them to use Twitter from the web. No firewall can stop SMS updates, you can read tweets from anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone and you know the username of the person you want to follow.

This feature is currently active only on US, but the Twitter blog says it’s working to get the service up and running on other countries as well. More information is available in the official Twitter blog.


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