HashAlbum Finds And Sorts Photos Shared On Twitter Using Hashtags

A lot of Twitter users have the habit of uploading really funny photos on Twitter and then they go ahead sharing the photo link on their timeline. Some of these photos are cute, some are funny while some of them go really viral. There are situations when some of these photo links gets tons of retweets which means these photos are really popular with Twitter audience.

Most of the times, users associate specific hash tags on the tweet which contains the link of the funny photo. For example: if someone found a really cute funny photo of a cat, he might upload it on Twitpic and share the link using the hashtag #funny, #cat and so on.

Now the question is: how do you find funny photos on Twitter that have specific hashtags? How do you search for photos on Twitter which are related to a particular topic e.g Google, Microsoft or maybe Apple.

Enter Hashalbum, a simple yet unique web service which lets you find photos on Twitter using hashtags. All you have to do is enter your search term in the website’s search box and it will search for recent photos that contain the specific hashtag.

For example: You might be interested in photos of Justin Bieber that are shared on Twitter. In that case, simply type the hashtag and the app will scan all the links on Twitter which contain a photo and have the hash tag added on it.

In addition to sorting photos shared on Twitter using hashtags, you are also given a unique permalink to the hashtag page.

For example: If you are interested in any image related to Google, either search for #google at Hashalbum.com or use the link http://hashalbum.com/google

Here is what I found when I searched for images shared by other Twitter users that contain the hashtag Google:

Sort Twitter photos by hashtags

Pretty accurate, right ?

The website does a decent job by accumulating user uploaded photos that contain a specific or a group of hashtags. Newer uploads are grouped on the “Newest” tab while you can always sort popular Twitter photos with a specific hashtag from the “Most popular” section. You can also see which of your Twitter friends added a hashtag to a specific image  or picture.

Its really fun to play around with and who knows, you might even discover some really exciting photos related to the topic of your interest.

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