Know When a Particular Twitter Username Becomes Available

How Do I know when a specific Twitter username is available ? Someone has already reserved the Twitter handle I am interested in – (question asked by Rodriguez via email)

So you have just started creating a presence in this online world and have started reserving the usernames in various social sites which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and so on.

To promote your website, online business or brand – you need a particular username across all social sites so that readers or customers can remember your brand easily. You are trying to book a specific Twitter handle but find that it has been already reserved by someone else.

In most cases, other bloggers or online marketers won’t book a Twitter username that does not relate to their business. For example: I will never try to mimic or book anyone else’s Twitter handle, Facebook vanity URL and so on.

But not everyone is like me. There are spammers all around and in some cases you might discover that a specific Twitter username is not available or already reserved by someone else.

That’s when Tweetclaims can save the day, it’s like Google Alerts for Twitter usernames.

TweetClaims let’s you enter up to 10 Twitter usernames you are interested in and will automatically notify you when any of them is available for reservation. From time to time, Twitter deletes unused or spam account’s that are never updated – hence signing up with TweetClaims seems like a wonderful idea.

Whenever a specific Twitter handle is available, you will instantly receive an email from TwitterClaims stating that “Your Username is ready to be picked up”. Just make sure that you are quick enough to book the particular Twitter username, because other bloggers might be using the same service to get the alert in their email inbox.

Tip: Check the availability of a username across different social sites


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