Wanna Undo Your Facebook Profile To Page Migration? Sign an appeal

Facebook  has gradually converted into a great way to promote business with dedicated company pages. Businesses that had started early was however using profiles instead of pages. This is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Which means the companies were to use pages instead of these profiles. This meant trouble as they had to start afresh creating new contacts and likes losing all they had gained so far. To make this transition without losing contacts, Facebook has recently rolled out a new Profile to Page Migration tool for those who needed it.


This helps any user to convert his/her profile into a Facebook page. This indeed helped some organizations convert their profiles into company pages. The features of this tool are:

1. Convert all the “friends” to “likes” making the businesses retain its efforts so far.

2. The profile picture will be selected as the page display picture. However all the other images uploaded previously to the profile will be lost.

3. Profiles with more than 100 friends will have to retain the same display name as the page name.

4. The major disadvantage being, you cannot revert this migration and none of your friends will be notified of this migration.

All said, it still is a great option for companies who need to have access to all its contacts and yet have a company fan page abiding by the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

But according to the recent buzz, some people has already been victim of this so-called-helpful utility. Many who had used this utility is suddenly feeling the adverse effects of it. Although, it would be unfair to put the complete blame on Facebook as it clearly states (which came in late though),

Profile to business Page migrations are meant for profiles that do not represent a person. If you have accidentally migrated your profile to a Page, you can submit your request for a reversal. Please keep in mind that we will remove your business Page if your profile is restored. We may reject any appeals that we deem to be inappropriate. Further, we may not reply to all submitted appeals.

So the user is more or less solely responsible for the act. On the other hand, Facebook has also not clearly stated about what would happen if anyone migrates. And I guess most of the sufferers had tried this out of curiosity that that led to this disaster.


Thanks to Facebook developers who have quickly responded to this by launching an appeal form. Using this form affected users can put through an appeal to the Facebook team to revert the migration and in order gain control of their original Facebook profile. However, filing up this form won’t necessarily gurantee the reversal. So if you are someone who is willing to undo Facebook profile to page migration head over to the appeal page and submit a request and hope your plea is granted.

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  1. Your link to the appeal page doesn't work anymore: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/366956053339943 --You need to update this article. says:

    Your link to the appeal page doesn’t work anymore: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/366956053339943 –You need to update this article.

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