How To Undo Posted Status On Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading Social Networking Website and we use it daily to stay in touch with our friends and relatives. It is now became the place to start any event and to share everything. We generally do status updates, shares photos and a lot many things. When we open it, we see “What’s on your mind?” and we start updating the status. If we want to delete the posted status, we generally go to the post and select the delete option.

Steps To Follow To Undo Posted Status On Facebook

But, as known to very little, Facebook uses the cache mechanisms and the deleted post is seen for couple of minutes on your timeline, but it cannot be liked or shared. So, even if we delete it, posted status will not be removed at that time itself. There is a solution to this problem. It is to undo the post before publishing it to your time line. Yes, you heard it right. We can undo the posted status, after hitting on the Post blue button. This can be done using the Chrome Extension Facebook Undo”.

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When you hit on the post button, Chrome extension will show the Undo blue color button in the place of that Post button. This will run the timer of 5 seconds and you need to undo the post within this time. If you want to publish the post to your timeline, then do no hit on that Undo button and the post gets published on your timeline. So, you will have just 5 seconds to undo your post. Here are the steps to be followed.

STEP 1: Go to the Chrome Web store and install the extension Facebook Undo.

STEP 2: Reload the Facebook after installing the extension.

STEP 3: Update your status.

STEP 4: Hit Post button when you are ready to post your status.

Undo Status on Facebook

STEP 5: Now, you can see the Undo button in the place of Post button starting the count from 5. You just have 5 seconds to undo the post.

STEP 6: If you do not want to post the status and want to undo the post, then hit on that Undo button within 5 seconds.

Undo Facebook Status Using Facebook Undo

Step 7: If you want to publish the status, then do not do anything for that 5 seconds and the post gets published.

Check out the video to know an example of how to undo your post.

Is this useful? Try to use this tip when you want to undo the post of Facebook. Please, do share your thoughts with us through comments.


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