Gmail’s Mobile App For Android And iOS Gets The Undo Send Feature

Gmail has a nifty undo send feature which allows you to quickly undo a sent mail, in case you have emailed the wrong person or forgot to add additional information to your message. Whenever you send an email to one of multiple contacts, you are shown the “Undo” button, clicking which opens the email again for editing without sending it.

I have been using Gmail’s Undo send for over a year and it is indeed one of the best Gmail Labs feature you should activate right now, if you haven’t used it already.

Zoho mail also has a similar feature called Zoho Outbox which delays sending the email to the recipients and works quite similar to that of Gmail’s Undo send (read comparison of Gmail Undo send and Zoho Outbox)

Gmail's Undo Send for MobilesThe good news however is that Gmail developers have added the Undo send option to Gmail’s Android and iOS apps. Starting today, users using Gmail’s mobile app from Android or iPhone can undo specific actions in Gmail, as stated below:

1. Undo a sent mail by clicking the “Undo” link that appears at the bottom of the app window.

2. Undo delete a message: When you have deleted a message and want it back in your inbox or a specific label, simply click the “Undo” button and the message will be back in your inbox or in that specific folder you want.

3. Undo archiving: If you have the habit of archiving messages and love to clean up your inbox from past conversations; you can quickly mark a message as unread and prevent it from Archiving. While Gmail’s mobile app has the option to dig out older messages and move them to specific labels or inbox, this new feature will certainly be handy when you’re checking email on a slow connection.

If you don’t see the “Undo send” bar in Android or iOS app, first update your application and reload it.


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