How to Uninstall AVG PC TuneUp Trial Version?

For any laptop owner or desktop PC owner, two most prominent things on their agenda would be antivirus protection (or protection against spyware, malware, etc.) and system optimization. Once these things are taken care of, it is possible to get highest utility levels from the PC or laptop system. AVG PC Antivirus does take care of the need to protect system against virus attacks. Another tool from the same set of developers is AVG PC TuneUp which focuses on deeper things like thorough system analysis and tackling registry issues, junk files as well as slow performance issues.

AVG PC TuneUp Trial and Paid

Depending on the year, you may have different versions available like AVG PC TuneUp 2015 or 2014 and so on. It is important to note that AVG PC TuneUp tool is not free to use. However, you can opt for free trial and then decide whether you want to buy the product. In most cases, people generally like the product. However, sometimes due to budget constraints there may be a need to uninstall this AVG TuneUp tool before the trial period ends.

AVG PC TuneUp Tool

In this article, we shall study useful steps to uninstall AVG PC TuneUp software from your PC or laptop. Additionally, we shall also have a look at the tips to remove this TuneUp tool (PC TuneUp and TuneUp Utilities) using TuneUp Remover.

Tips to uninstall AVG PC TuneUp Trial Version

Before proceeding with the uninstallation process, one should disable the AVG PC Tuneup service to avoid any Control Panel errors. This can be done by simply going to Run pop-up from Start and typing “services.msc”.

AVG PC TuneUp Services

AVG PC TuneUp Services Disable
Now, we can easily disable the TuneUp service.

You can then start uninstalling the TuneUp tool by going to Control Panel first. By clicking on the tool, you will get the option “Uninstall / Change”.

AVG PC TuneUp Uninstall Option

You can click the Uninstall option to trigger the corresponding process. You may or may not require to restart the system for the changes to be reflected correctly.

Steps to remove AVG PC TuneUp tool

It is common for many of us to forget about the free trial period expiration date for this tool. Then, once the PC Tune-up trial version expires, sometimes it becomes very difficult to uninstall it. Even in other cases, you might face some errors during the above listed AVG PC Tune-up uninstallation process. For such cases, there is a provision of TuneUp Remover to remove the software tool altogether. One simply needs to download the TuneUp remover tool file and execute it to complete the process. Upon successful removal, the system will be automatically restarted. This tool removes the AVG PC TuneUp software and TuneUp Utilities along with registry keys.

One can download the relevant AVG removal tool from the link: Downloading AVG remover from AVG Download Center

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