How to Uninstall Windows Updates

From time to time, Microsoft provides Windows update which makes your computer more secure and deals with compatibility issues of your operating system panel. You can check for newer Windows updates by turning on Automatic updates from Windows security center.

If your computer does not have an Internet connection, you can follow this tutorial on installing Windows updates offline without using internet.

If your computer is on low memory and there isn’t much hard drive space available, sometimes, Windows update can lead to problems. Installing Windows update may in some cases slow down your computer or lead to other driver complications – yes, I had one problem when installing a driver update disabled my mousepad.

You can uninstall Windows update without internet because these files are saved locally in your computer. Here is a step by step guide how you can unintall selected or all Windows updates on XP, Vista and Windows 7:

1. Open Control Panel and go to “programs and features”. In Windows Xp you have to click “Add or Remove programs”

2. Click “View Installed updates” from the left sidebar, as shown below:

3. This will open a windows where you will be able to view all the installed updates and hotfixes in your computer.

4. Select an update name and click the “Uninstall” button

Uninstall Windows Update and Hotfixes
Uninstall Windows Update and Hotfixes

5. Windows will now ask whether you want to really delete an update or not. Click “Yes”

6. Now Windows will start uninstalling the update, the time required depends upon the size of the update in question.

Remove Windows Updates Completely

You will now be asked to reboot your computer. You can skip this portion and remove all Windows updates and restart the pc. That’s it all updates have now been removed and you can now enjoy more disk space and faster windows performance.

Remove Windows Update Using a Software

If you want  a software to remove Windows updates , patches, hotfixes, service packs and other files, try Windows XP update remover. Once the program is installed, run it and it will show you all the updates that are currently installed

Windows Update Remover application

Select the files, service packs or hotfixes which you want to remove and the program will uninstall all of them in one shot.


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