Unlock Restricted Sites on iOS using Rocket VPN

iOS is a very popular mobile platform that is being used on only iDevice such as iPhone, iPad etc. Sometime, you will get some websites those are actually unavailable in some other country but not in your country. There are different ways to access those websites. First, you can use web proxy those will let you do different things but not as safe as VPN, which is the second option is more trustworthy and secure. If you are looking for a VPN for iOS, here is one of the best free VPN app for iOS.

Rocket VPN is a free VPN app available for Android and iOS. However, for Android, TunnelBear would be better. But, Rocket VPN is no less than that for iOS users. Rocket VPN is very fast and free VPN that used a quite good server to provide better user experience. Talking about the security, users haven’t got any issue and it is holding 4.5/5 rating on App Store. That implies the goodness of this free VPN app for iOS.

Like other VPN apps, this VPN for iOS can unblock all the unavailable sites such as Spotify. At the same time, you would be able to search for different things on App Store those are not available in your country. For instance, if Pokemon GO is not available in your country, you can search for that as well using this VPN service.


Available Countries:

Rocket VPN has free edition as well as paid version. The free edition is more than enough to unblock restricted sites on iOS device. As of now, you can change your location to 6 different countries i.e. United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Czech Republic, Sweden and Netherlands.


The free edition offers only 500MB. However, you can upgrade your bandwidth by purchasing. This is same for both platforms i.e. Android as well as iOS.


Rocket VPN for iOS is available for free but you must have iOS 8.0 or later version to install this app. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad as well iPod Touch.

How to use Rocket VPN on iOS?

This is very easy and functions are very straightforward. At first, download and install Rocket VPN on your iOS device. After opening it on your iOS device, you should get a screen something like this,

Rocket VPN connected

Choose the destination or country that you want to set as your virtual location. Following that, hit the CONNECT button. It will take few moments to connect the VPN to a secure server.

That’s it! Now you can browse blocked websites from your iOS device. If you like, you can download Rocket VPN from here.


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