Dumped under Subscription Emails? Try Unroll.me and Clear the Clutter

While Internet helps us with many of our everyday problems, it also creates a few. As we browse the web, sign up for services we get listed in subscription lists intently or unknowingly. This after a certain time creates a clutter in our inbox with emails which we may or may not need. This at times leads us to overlook important emails. One way out is to unsubscribe from the service, but that means a heck of a task once you are listed in more than 300 or so services and and you don’t have a clue where to start unsubscribing. Unroll.me is a free web app that can help you unsubscribe from all the services from a single page.

Sign up with Google Apps or Gmail. You can also use other email providers. Select it and hit Go to get started. You will be asked to authorize access to your email account. Once you are set, you will be presented with a Subscription roll up page after an initial scan of your mails.


The first time you connect your account with Google Apps or any other email the service scans your emails to identify the current subscriptions you are enlisted with. The service will show a list of subscriptions (that sends you regular emails) once the scan is complete. You will find the Rollup with subscriptions listed automatically under categories they fit (or the service thinks they belong). You can change their categories, unsubscribe or direct them to inbox if somehow they are already filtered with Labels. Remember you can re-subscribe to unsubscribed services after you unsubscribe from them with Unroll.me.


Hit the View Rollup button to get a quick overview of subscription emails you received today. You can also filter them with categories. You can also change their categories in the view mode. The rollup can also be accessed and kept in sync using iOS and Android.


If you spend a sizable amount of time on the internet then you are bound to grow your subscription list. So while signing up it is always advised to check if you are getting auto-subscribed. Even if you are not you need to periodically check on your emails and all subscription emails contain a unsubscribing link at the bottom of the email. However, if all of this means a tedious task, Unroll.me does a great job where you can see the complete subscription list and decide what to keep and when to move on.


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