How to Update Installed Apps Automatically in Windows

Windows doesn’t need any introduction as everyone knows this operating system very well. Everyone knows how good it is when it comes to ease of use and functions. Windows comes with lot of features and functions. But, when it comes to updating software automatically, it lags behind.

We use software to do something faster and in an easy method. For example, we can use Kaspersky Cleaner to remove junk files from Windows instead of using any manual method because this makes the task very easy. The same thing happened with other things like recording video, capturing snapshots etc. In other words, software is a vital part of Windows. Not only Windows, just also, software plays a vital role in every other operating system.

Update Installed Apps Automatically in Windows

But, one thing you should keep in mind. You should always use latest version of all the software. There are several reasons why you should do so. First, developers always include more features in latest version. Therefore, you can experience a better feature in latest version of all software. Though, sometime it gets wrong, but most of the time, this is the reason why you should update your software. Second, it any software is vulnerable and want to patch it, developers often release the patch via a new update as there is no other way to reach to you. Therefore, if your software is vulnerable, you can get rid of it by updating your software. There are many other reasons, why you should update your software to the latest version.

But, many people often forget to update their install apps or software. Therefore, it may create problems some time – as mentioned above. Although, some software comes with an option to update it automatically, but most of the software do not have such option or feature. Therefore, here is a tool that will let you update install apps automatically in Windows.

Update Installed Apps Automatically in Windows

Introducing Kaspersky Software Updater, which is a free app available for Windows. You can download Kaspersky Software Updater for Windows 7 and any other later versions. The most interesting thing is there is no such special system requirement. That means, you can use Kaspersky Software Update on any PC you want.

To get started with Kaspersky Software Update, at first download and install it. Following that, you will get a window like this,

As shown above, you will get two options eg. Full scan and Quick scan. Just select Full Scan, Run Scan Now and hit the Finish button.

Kaspersky Software Updater

Now you will get the analysis result like this,

Kaspersky Software Updater analysis report

Now, select those apps that you want to update and hit the Update Selected button respectively. That’s it.

Now, if you want to update installed apps automatically, go to the main page and select Settings. Here you will get an option called Configure the scan schedule. Just select the time.

Kaspersky Software Updater Settings

That’s all! Now, this app will check for updates and install them automatically.

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