How to Update Status on Different Social Accounts in Bulk

If you want to update status on different social networking websites in bulk, here is the solution. If you are a newbie blogger or even a professional internet marketer, you might have spent a lot of times on social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. to share your content so that you can get more traffic. This is a common fact.

Update Status on Different Social Accounts in Bulk

However, if you want to save some valuable time or if you want to update same thing on more than one social networking websites at the same time, here is the perfect tool. HootSuite is such a great web application that will let you share your thoughts or blog posts on different social networking websites including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.

In this article, I am going to show you how to create a HootSuite account, add social accounts and start sharing your posts. The most beautiful thing is you can use this brilliant app without spending a dollar – it has some limited features though.

How to use Hootsuite like a pro?

To use HootSuite like a pro, certainly you must have to create an account at first. This is however very easy and not much time consuming. You can create Hootsuite account using your personal email ID or Google account or Facebook Account. Just head over to this link to go to Hootsuite website.

After creating an account, you will have to add at least one account to continue the sign up process. During sign up process, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Add Social Account to HootSuite from Start Screen

Just click on any logo and add at least one social account. After that, you will get the actual HootSuite dashboard, which is much uncluttered. To add more social accounts, you can click on your profile picture (that is located in the top left of your screen) or go to this link. After that, click the Add a Social Network link.

Add a Social Network

Now, select the social networking website and add your account. You can add Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIN, Foursquare etc. This is also possible to connect Facebook Page, Google Plus page etc. instead of profile.

Select Social Account

Now, to share something in bulk, just hover your mouse over Send to and start selecting your accounts. After that, hover over Compose message area and write a message.

Add Account and Write Message

You can also add pictures and other media files. Most exciting feature is you can schedule your status update.


Hootsuite is a great social media marketing tool. Although, there are some substitutes to HootSuite i.e. Sprout Social, Buffer but most of the experts recommend to use HootSuite because of it’s simplicity and price of premium accounts.


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