Get Jouku, It Manages And Simplifies File Upload To Dropbox, GDocs,

Jokuu-1Cloud services are the latest trend on the internet. Basically a cloud service is a service where users can use, share, manage and update files from different locations and dynamically interact with each other’s work. A good example of cloud based services is Google Docs.

Cloud services needs to be managed well, which lays the importance of backing up and managing cloud services data from a centralized place. Joukuu is a service which brings all your favorite cloud services together and displays them in a single easy to use User Interface (UI).

Joukuu basically helps users of Google Docs, Drobox, to manage their files on a single platform, hop from one service to the other, share one’s files with the other and manage all services together without having to separately manage each one of them. Moreover, Joukuu also lets users backup their files, edit documents from desktop and upload files and folders from Windows right-click context menu.


After Joukuu has been downloaded and installed, the first time all your cloud services account must be added to Joukuu. Once this step has been added, Jokuu will automatically populate and categorize files in the main window. Similarly, new files and folders can also be synched. This option is available just underneath the navigation bar.

Files can be moved around from one service to the other by simply dragging and dropping files from one account to the other. For example, if you want to move a file from to Drobox, just drag the file and drop it into the Drobox file which will add the file to the Drobox root file location. Every change made to the files must be synched to record the changes made.


Joukuu also adds context menus to backup and upload files directly. Files are backed up to any e-mail address which you specify.

Currently, Joukuu is in beta testing phase and there are problems which exist with working with Google Docs. However, this is expected to be resolved once the service matures as time passes on. The native Windows XP, 7 and Vista application can be downloaded from this link. Also you can try Droppub a similar service for Dropbox only.


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