Upload Files To Dropbox From Right Click and Copy Link To Clipboard

Apart from backup, Dropbox allows you to easily share files with anyone using the public folder. You can upload files to your public folder, copy the link and share the file with anyone.

If you regularly use Dropbox for file sharing, Droppub is a free and useful app which can be used to upload files to your Dropbox’s public folder from the right click context menu. After uploading, the link to the file will be automatically copied to Windows clipboard.

Earlier, we have seen Airdropper which lets you upload files to your Dropbox account from email. It lets non Dropbox users send files or email attachments to your Dropbox account but this little script will allow you to upload multiple files to your Dropbox account from desktop.

So the idea is very neat, simply select the files you want to share, upload it to your Dropbox public folder from right click context menu and the link is automatically copied. Now you can share it with your friends over Email, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else.

Setting up Droppub is very easy, download the setup and put it anywhere on your computer. Right click the Droppub.exe file and create a shortcut to the desktop. Later, move the shortcut to %AppData/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo folder.

To upload files to your Dropbox from right click, simply select a file and choose Send to > Droppub. The first time you try to upload a file, you will have to enter your Dropbox account’s public ID, as shown below:

That’s it, from the next time onwards, you won’t have to configure it again. The chosen files will be sent to your Dropbox account’s public folder and the link of the file will be copied to Windows clipboard. Neat!

To see Droppub in action, watch the screencast below:

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