Upload Photos To Picasa and Flickr Albums using only your Email

You can Upload photos to Picasa and Flickr using only your email. This may be Very useful if Picasa is blocked at your Workplace,College or office.Also Mobile surfers can upload a Snap in their Google account when they don’t have a computer nearby.

Upload photos To Picasa Via Email

To enable uploading images in Picasa via email Follow these steps :

1.Sign in to Picasa with your Google account.Click on settings and Check the Box “ Upload photos By Email”.Type in Your Secret phrase.You Will need this Secret phrase later on.

2. When you Wish to Upload a Photo Via Email type yourusername.yoursecretword@picasaweb.com in the “To “address field.

3. The subject Line of your Email decides In which Album your Picture is Uploaded.Emails Sent without a Subject are also Uploaded In your Account in your Generic Drop Box.

You may also Add yourusername.secretphrase@picasaweb.com in your Address Book for later use.

There is No limit to the Number of Emails that you can send to Picasa but each individual email size can’t exceed 20 Mb (Sufficient I Guess).

Note : I personally Use the desktop client of Picasa for Browsing and storing my images.

Upload Images To Flickr Via Email

You can Upload Photos and small Videos to Flickr Via Email using the Steps mentioned below :

1.Login to Flickr and go here.

2.Flickr will generate a random email address for you to send the photos or videos .Copy that address


Do not share this Email address with anyone.Anyone who knows this address can Post photos to your Flickr account Directly via email.You can always reset the email address generated for you by hitting the RESET Button on the bottom of the page.

3.Add the Tags that you Use frequently in the “Add these Tags each time “Box. You can always Add Specific tags to your photos from your Email. When done,click the save button.

4.To Upload the photos open your mail account  and compose a new email message.Add the Flickr address in the “To” field.You can add Tags In the Subject line by typing tags:

Add the desired image to be uploaded as an attachment.If you want to assign a description to the photo, input it into the body of the message.Hit the Send button and your Your image will be posted to your Flickr account.

You can give someone access to post photos to your Flickr account by sharing the email address. It is recommended  to upload one photo per message to avoid posting conflicts.

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