Scribd: An Innovative Document Sharing Web Application For Readers and Publishers

With the inclusion of technology in the print industry, the digital domain is increasingly becoming the favorite hangout for publishers and readers. Web is becoming a massive archive for digital contents and with devices like iPad and Kindle, users prefer reading and publishing in e-format instead of the traditional print one.

So with e-documents on the rise, certain digital web based platforms that enable users to share their documents with the world are increasingly becoming popular. Recently I came across a very useful document sharing platform, Scribd, which is in consonance with the social networking realms present on the web.

What is Scribd?


Scribd is basically a free social platform designed for document sharing, it offers its users ability to search, read or even publish all kind of documents that range from presentations, academic papers, e-books, photo albums, casual notes and essays to academic papers. Scribd offers a free platform using which users can publish their contents in a very simple and secure way. One of the biggest advantage of Scribd is the range of documents and contents that are available and its open library is continuously growing with latest addition from users.

Scribd Document Management System

Scribd also offers its users a very flexible but a secure document management system. This feature of Scribd makes it a perfect choice for users who want to share private and restrictive contents on Scribd. Moreover, Scribd also enable its users to upload documents in various compatible formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint presentations, Open Office documents, Adobe PDF, HTML and JPEGs. Plus it also facilitates webmasters to embed any kind of uploaded document in external websites or blogs while keeping the formatting as such. Users are also able to host their documents on a unique URL that can be easily shared with others.

For uploading of documents, Scribd offers four different kinds of uploaders plus it also give users an unlimited storage capacity. Documents that are being uploaded using Scribd are also indexed on various search engines like Google and Bing.

How to register on Scribd?

Here is what you need to do to sign-up for Scribd:


  • Click on the ‘Sign-up’ button on top right corner of website.
  • Registration screen will show-up.
  • Fill in the username and password with an option of choosing screen name as well.
  • Email address that you will provide during the registration process will be checked with a confirmation email to your address.
  • No credit card information is required throughout registration process.

Scribd has no pricing plans available and the website runs on a free platform. Overall, Scribd is an amazing service that offers free and versatile information. It is suitable for all the different kind of users plus for visually impaired people they have also incorporated a ‘text to speech engine’.

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