Share Songs With Your Facebook Buddies Using CloudApp

Facebook is all about sharing stuff with your friends online. Now let us assume you wish to share a newly released song with your friend. Unlike videos and pictures it is not easy to share mp3 on Facebook. Let us take a look at how we can do this.

1. Upload the mp3 file to any file upload service. Not every file uploading services work with Facebook. So we will be using CloudApp which I had tested to work fine. If you do not have an account with that service, sign up for a free one.

2. Login to the service and upload a MP3 you wish to share.

NOTE: After the mp3 file is uploaded, rename it using the edit button. Rename your file such that, there are + or – instead of spaces and remember to append the file extension. As you can see the file in example is renamed to “amake+amar+moto+thakte+dao.mp3“. If you do not follow this unicode naming, the file won’t play in Facebook.

3. Once the file is uploaded, rename it and then click the link. In the next page, press the download button.

4. As the download starts, right-click on the download to copy the source URL.

5. Now log in to Facebook and choose to update your status with a link.

6. Enter the URL you copied in step 4. Attach it and share mp3 on Facebook.

Now all your friends (if you haven’t edited the sharing settings) will see a simple player (as shown below) as your update. Using the play button they can listen to the song right on Facebook. Do you know any other way to upload and share MP3 on Facebook ? Please let us know.

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