Why Upload Speed is Equally Important When Choosing a Broadband Connection?

The need for fast internet speed is rising ever since India started growing digitally. India is home to some remarkable tech businesses and is growing at an exponential rate, at least digitally. Today, every person with a smartphone or a computer has a working internet connection, and most of them are aware of 3G, 4G, broadband, fiber and all the technical jargons. The internet service providers spectacularly advertise the common information viz. speed, broadband data, price and such. However, one of the most important parameters of an internet connection is upload speed.

Broadband upload speed

What is Upload Speed anyway?

Simply put, upload speed refers to the amount of data a user can send in a second as opposed to downloading which means the amount of data a user can receive in a second. When buying a broadband connection, people only think of download speed and then wonder why their internet is slow when they are uploading 50 pictures to their Facebook account.

Why Do I Need High Upload Speed?

With growing data usage, it is important to consider buying an internet connection which supports symmetrical speeds, i.e. equal download and upload speed. A high upload speed is beneficial in several cases and is a requisite for people in various professions. Let’s take a look at places where upload speed matters.

Communicating over a video call

Yes, you bought the most expensive phone on the market which supports high-resolution video calling and has all the jazz. However, there is no use of such a phone if it’s not supported by an internet connection that provides high upload speed. For instance, to send out data for a 1080p video call that doesn’t get interrupted in between, you will need a lot more than the upload speed your ISP provides. If you were to buy a broadband connection in Delhi, you will perhaps just look at the speed and data offered without taking the upload speed and technology in the account. However, there are ISPs like ACT Fibernet that provide superfast symmetrical speed of 150 Mbps in Delhi. Simply put, you can video chat with your best friend in 1080p while your sister is streaming her favorite TV series in 4K and your brother is uploading heavy files to the cloud without any interruption.

Uploading Data

Upload speed is good for – uploading obviously. For people in trades such as photography, data sciences, programming, video streaming and such, it is essential to have high upload speed so that their business does not suffer.

To give you a fair idea, if a photographer has to upload 3 GB of photographs after a wedding shoot with 2 Mbps upload speed, it will take them around 3 hours and 34 minutes to upload all the files. However, if this photographer was on a 150 Mbps plan by ACT Fibernet it will only take them a mere 2 minutes and 53 seconds to upload 3 GB of photographs. See the difference?
Moreover, upload speed is also important if you are an active user of cloud storage and constantly sync your data to the cloud.

Video broadcasting and Gaming

Aspiring YouTuber or video game streamer? Frankly speaking, upload speed is more important for your business, and your GTX 1080 is redundant if you are not able to stream 1080p constantly, forget 4K. If you live stream, it becomes necessary for you to buy an internet connection that supports symmetrical speeds and is backed up by the superior infrastructure to minimize downtime. Nobody likes lags, especially when the frags are midway in the air!

Presently, in this era when the major chunk of our lives is overseeing digital domination, the need is to have symmetrical speeds. With the patience level running out since time is money, securing an internet connection with fast speeds is not enough. The nail in the coffin is to look for internet connection where you get high upload speed too. It is not only the future but the need of the hour.

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