SecurStick : Carry Encrypted Files And Use Them Anywhere

SecurStick is a free portable application that lets you carry encrypted files on your USB drive. You can use the drive on any computer to access those files without needing any administrator privilege. This way you can safely store confidential information as well carry them easily. [Also read : How to hide files and folders in USB drives]

1. Download Securstick, unzip it and copy the unzipped file to your USB drive.

2. Double-click the application file and a window will open notifying you of the start. Keep it open while working.

3. Your browser will also open. You will need to set a password for the encryption to start during the very first run. Follow the instructions carefully while choosing a password. Make sure to choose the checkbox “Encrypt file names”.

4. Once you have successfully created a password you will be logged into the Safezone. And you will also notice that a virtual network drive has been created (check My Computer).

5. Now you can put files into your encrypted drive by simply copying them to them to the virtual drive. You will notice a lag in the copy duration compared to the normal copy actions. This is due to the encryption. You can manually locate those files in the USB drive. The address being “[USB Drive Letter]:\encrdata\data“. The folder “encrdata” is normally not visible as it has both “system” and “hidden” attributes.

6. Once you are done and need to log out you can log out from the browser or close the Securstick window mentioned in step 2.

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NOTE : As you log out of Safezone, the local files still holds a cache of the unencrypted files in the computer you are using. So make sure you clear the cache using the link provided(at the bottom of the Safezone). This is to make sure you leave no traces on the computer.

You could also use it on any of your local drives. But as I consider portability as a concern, I have demonstrated using an USB Drive.

Tip: Enable or Disable Write protection on USB drives


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