USB Type-C will bring an end to your frustration


The USB Promoter Group, announced that it has completed the work on the much anticipated, smaller and reversible USB connector. This information comes as a great relief for all those who have to struggle through the ports finding the right way to insert the USB cable into it.

The new USB connector is smaller in size as compared to the present USB connector that we use in our laptops. Which means that manufacturers will now have to include additional ports that will support USB Type-C connector as there is no compatibility with the existing Type A and Type B connectors. But the good thing is that this Type C USB connector can be both used for your smartphones and also your laptops. So there will be no separate connectors for each device, but rather a single universal one.

Other features of this Type C USB connector are as follows:

  • Both way operable connector
  • Two rows of 12 pins
  • A single connector for mobile and computer devices
  • Support for USB 3.1
  • Speed up to 10Gbps (Twice that of USB 3.0)
  • Increased power up to 100W
  • Full support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 protocols
  • Reversible cable, with both ends consisting of same type of connectors

While the final design and specs are still being finalised about this new connector, USB Promoter Group id pretty confident about its new connector and its implementation.


With the introduction of this new connector, which in is much like Apple’s Lightening connector, our frustration of checking which way round the connector is to be plugged will be gone for good. But how much time this takes to come into the actual market is still a question that we are eagerly waiting the answer for. But we cannot forget that bringing this to our devices means, upgrading of current device configuration to add this feature, which will always cost manufacturers good time and money.

But one good thing about this is that USB Promoter Group has also announced to release cables for interconnection of today’s legacy connectors and the new Type C connectors. Which will, to some extent, enable the use and adoption of these new connectors to the general public with ease.

One thing is for sure, that this connector is aimed to make our life easier and hassle free, with the added benefits of increased speed and power.

The USB Promoter Group consists of these companies: Microsoft, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, HP, Intel and Renesas.


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