Shorten Links With While Sharing on Twitter from Feeddemon

Feedreaders are a great way to keep updated with the updates that your favorite blogs are publishing. Again, Twitter is a great way to share the same with the people over the web. Now, I can not think of a better tool than Feeddemon while reading feeds and sharing them at the same time.

Sometime back, I had detailed how I use Feeddemon as my Twitter desktop client. One thing I hated most while sharing stories from Feeddemon was that there were no built-in URL shortener. That meant longer URLs and either I had to compromise on the words to tell about the story or had to use a URL shortening service to shorten the links myself. That was tiring.

Well recently I had found out a way out to auto-shorten links with, while sharing feed entries on Twitter from Feeddemon. Here is how you can do it:

1. Sign up for a free account with or login to the service if you already have an account.

2. Now go to “Settings” and scroll down to the section “APIKey” and copy the API key to a newly opened notepad file. Leave the notepad file opened and (you may) sign out of your account.

Copy Bitly API key

3. Open Windows Registry editor and navigate to


4. Create a new String value by right clicking in the editing area and choosing New > String Value. Name the new entry BitlyLogin. Create another string value and name it BitlyApiKey.

5. Double-click the newly created entries one by one and enter the following values (without the angle brackets) as the value data,

For the key BitlyLogin enter <your_bitly_username>

For the key BitlyLogin enter <API_key_you_copied>

6. That’s it, start Feedemon and share anything and the links will get auto-shortened with

I have always considered that it’s more productive way to combine two (major) tasks into one place. And using Feeddemon to tweet helps me read and share on the same place. With this simple hack the task of sharing has become easier. Thanks @WinObs for notifying and @nbradbury for elaborating the nice trick. Happy tweeting.


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