Use a Custom Wooden Cable Slot To Hide Cables and Wires

Like most of you reading this, I am no fan of cables, wires and chargers. They mess up your work area and with time, their number and complexity rises to a point when it becomes unmanageable. You have two to three different phones, a mac computer a windows computer, a printer, headphones, external hard drives and what not to manage?

This results in a lot of office cables, wires, chargers and other things which makes your work area look cluttered and clumsy.

If you prefer a fixed workstation and want to cut down on tangled cables and wires, here is a useful tip from LPT user eriddy

Build a custom cable hole which would let the wires slip through each socket, so that they do not entangle with each other. It takes some amount of time and effort to build those slots but once you are done with the slots, you can channelize each cable or wired charger through the slot and let it remain like that.

While there are more creative workarounds to deal with the cable issues at your work desk, I find this one more simple and robust. I am not a big fan of using paper clips at the end of your desk to manage hanging cables, this is because these paper clips are not robust and they often fall through when you shift your workstation from one room to another. Another disadvantage of using clips for cable management is that these clips cannot hold a heavy cable for long, eventually they slip and fall off the corner of the table, thereby causing distraction and added effort.

If you do not want to go the quick fix way and have some money to spend, this video has some good insights which you can put to use

This user went the extra mile and created holes in his work desk. These holes allow the wired keyboard and wired mouse to clip through, thus freeing you of desk clutter. For the macbook charger, he uses a sticky cable holder ( $1 per pc on Amazon). These holders ensure that your charging cable doesn’t fall from the corners of the table when you are not charging the device.

However, the catch is that these cables or charging holders do not eliminate cable clutter from desk. They provide an alternative so that your work is not distracted but this solution does not solve the nuisance of wires and cables. I do not use a permanent work desk yet, but if I am given a choice to go for a permanent wooden cable slot or temporary cable holders, I will go with the permanent wooden one. Its fixed, robust and keeps everything out of the view.

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