Put Your Facebook Friends In Circles, Just Like Google Plus

Yesterday, Google Plus was available on an invitation only basis and only a small percentage of users have signed up for Google Plus yet. If you have already signed up for Google Plus, you are very lucky!

Many users at Facebook and Twitter are still trying to get into Google plus and see how this social network works. But the disappointing part is that Google has recently stopped the invitation system which means, no Google Plus user can invite their friends by adding their email address to their Google plus circles.

Of course they can import the email addresses of Facebook friends as Google Plus contacts, but it’s not possible to add them as friends to your Google plus account.

If you are a Facebook user and want to try out the Circles feature of Google Plus, here is something very interesting. You don’t need a Google Plus profile to use this feature, this application will let you use the same Google Plus circles feature with your Facebook friends

use Circles in Facebook

Go to Circlehack.com, sign in with your Facebook account and grant the application all the necessary permissions. Once you are through, the app will scan your entire Facebook friend list and show your friends in Circles. The above screenshot shows how to use Google Plus circles with Facebook account.

Basically, the application simply modifies the look and feel of Facebook friend lists and mimics the style of Google circles. You can drag friends from the suggestion box and drop them into any list you have created. Additionally, you can also pull friends from one list and drop them on multiple lists and circles. This is real fun and sort of consolation prize to Facebook users who are still unable to sign up for a Google Plus account.

New lists can be created or existing lists can be deleted. To remove a friend from a circle, all you have to do is select his icon or profile image from the Circle and drag it out from the circle. The animation and working of Circle hack is exactly the same as it appears on Google Plus, so if you haven’t signed up for a Google Plus profile yet, you can try this app and practice the concept of Google circles.

Note: This app only mimics the layout of Facebook friend lists and is in no way related to Google circles. You can’t use this application to export a Facebook friend list and import it on a new Google circle.




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