Couch Player for iPad – Use Gestures for Enhanced Control on your Music Lists

iPad is a great device for many things – browsing the internet, great collection of apps, watching videos and more. Music on the iPad is great, with the native music client doing a great job for your collection of music and the iTunes has a great collection of music in its online store. If there are gripes to the native iOS iPad music app, it is music management. It is a pain to having to create your playlists on your computer and then listen to the pre-created playlists on the iPad. There is no intuitive way to create playlists on the fly on the iPad. Enter Couch Player, a beautiful gesture based playlist manager specially meant for the iPad.

Couch Player

Couch Player is a simple music app that is meant for people who like to organize music through multiple playlists. It presents a two tabbed interface where you can view all you music on the left and the playlists on the right. You apply gestures manage music. Drag a song from your main queue to your playlist on the right to add it to the playlist. You can rearrange the music list using simple drag and drop gestures within the playlist. You can even add all the songs of the same artist or the album to the playlist by simply dragging the artist or the album to the playlist.

Couch Player - Playlist Management

By simply using the zoom-out gesture on the right page, you can view all the playlists that you have created. You can also create a new playlist in the same pane. To delete a playlist, simply drag that out of the app. You can do the same to the songs by tapping on the “X” button (there seems to be a bug on the iOS 5, although I doubt it will affect as most of you might have already upgraded to 6th version).

The app uses the music list that is automatically synced with through the iTunes, so you need not have to worry about adding music separately. The app also has the cover-flow like view for moving about your music list in a visual way.

The video is self explanatory, goes to show that the app is that simple to use that anyone can pick up and start creating multiple playlists.

The iPhone folks have similar gesture based music app called the Panamp, that also has ability to manage playlists on the fly through gestures. Additionally with simple swipe gestures, one can also manage the playback, add music to the queue, view more of the same artist and more.

These two apps are good alternatives to the current music app on the iPad and iPhone. Both are available for about $2 on the iTunes App Store.

Sources: Couch Player, Panamp [via Lifehacker (for Couch Player, for Panamp)]

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