TheFriendMail: Get Facebook Delivered To Your Email Inbox

In the past, we have covered many alternative ways to access Facebook. We have covered multiple methods for getting into the site if it blocked, and even how to use Facebook’s native email integration to keep in touch with your friends.

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One company has taken the idea of Facebook in email to new heights. TheFriendMail is a beta service that will forward multiple parts of the Facebook experience directly to your email inbox.

Using TheFriendMail To Access Facebook

Signing up for TheFriendMail is a very easy process. Simply connect your Facebook account, select the email you want to use, and you are ready to go. It is recommended that you disable the native Facebook email alerts, as you will receive duplicate notifications if you don’t.

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TheFriendMail offers a handful of different emails. You get the standard set of notifications, like comments on your profile, statuses, or photos. You will also be informed, if you chose, when someone likes something you posted to Facebook.

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Where TheFriendMail sets itself apart from the native email notification system in Facebook is in its ‘News From Friends’ emails. This email, which provided you with a reproduction of your news feed in your email inbox, allows you to get even more from the Facebook experience. YOu can like status and make comments from directly in the email.

Negatives of TheFriendMail’s System

The biggest downside to TheFriendMail is the necessity to access a personal email account. If you cannot access your personal email at work or school, then this is not the solution for you.

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I also find that TheFriendMail works best in an email system that supports HTML emails, such as GMail. If you don’t use an email service that supports HTML in the bodies of emails, then you will have a clunky, almost unusable set of features with TheFriendMail.

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TheFriendMail: Facebook Email on Steroids

TheFriendMail is a very simple and easy to use service that provides a unique solution for gaining access to Facebook in situations where it would not otherwise be possible. The emails it provides are robust and fully featured, and provide a well slimmed down version of the Facebook experience. For its intended purpose, I feel that it is a very good product.

What are your thoughts on TheFriendMail? Do you think you could make use of it? Do you have any other alternatives? Let us know in the comments below. We love to hear form you.

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