How to Use WhatsApp on Desktop without Browser

WhatsApp doesn’t need any introduction as this is probably the most used instant messaging app that is available for almost all platforms. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is popular of the availability of apps. No matter what mobile platform you are using, you can certainly get the WhatsApp app and start chatting with friends and relatives.

WhatsApp has some awesome features. For instance, you can use WhatsApp to send images, videos etc. Apart from that, this is also possible to use WhatsApp on desktop. People often prefer desktop instead of mobile while using the computer on daily basis. Therefore, you can also use WhatsApp on desktop. But, the thing is you will need a browser. WhatsApp doesn’t open on computer without any browser. If you have ever used this on computer, you know the process that you have to open, scan a QR code using your WhatsApp camera and then you would be able to use WhatsApp on desktop computer.

WhatsApp Icon on Mobile

But, what if you do not want to use WhatsApp on browser? There may are any reason behind this. For instance, you have to restart your browser. At such moment, you will also have to close the WhatsApp web window as well. There are many other reasons why people do not wish to use WhatsApp for Web.

Use WhatsApp on Desktop without Browser

If you are one of them and want to use WhatsApp on desktop without browser, here is a solution. You can easily open WhatsApp account on Windows with the help of a third party app.

There is app called WhosDown, which is a professionally designed Windows Store app that will let you use WhatsApp on desktop without browser. However, this app is available only for Windows 10. At the same time, you can use WhosDown on 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows machine.

To get started with WhosDown, at first download and install it from Windows Store. After that, you will get a window like this,

Use WhatsApp on Desktop without Browser

Open your WhatsApp app on your mobile and scan the QR code as you do with the browser version. Following that, your WhatsApp account will be opened on WhosDown window. That’s it! Now, you can do whatever you want. All the features of WhatsApp for Web is available on WhosDown.

Therefore, instead of using the browser version or use browser to open WhatsApp on computer, you can simply opt for WhosDown, which is free and very easy to use application. There is no hectic process to setup – on the other hand.

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