View GIF Images in Google Image Search Results On Chrome

Google Image search is great place to find all images we want. Google gives optimized results depending on our query with it’s intelligent algorithms present at back end. It offers various search tools to it’s users using which one can customize and clutter search results. One can search for an image with various sizes such as Large, Medium, Small images or you can specify exact resolution you want. You can also search an image depending on color such as Full color, Black and White, Transparent or custom color; Image type such as Face, Photo, Clip Art, Animated, Drawing etc.


While searching for GIF images, we face a problem. Which is, while displaying image previews, Google Images doesn’t play animation, it just shows still images instead. If you want an animated image, you are not so sure about it until you open it and view full size image on your browser since some images may have gif extension without animation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to view the animated images on Google Image Search results? If you are thinking like this as I do, you came to right place. This post will assist you how to do that on chrome.

The method is so simple. There is an extension in chrome web store called GoogleGIFs. You can get it for Chrome here. You just have to install it on your browser. After installing it, go to Google Images and search for some gif images and Whola! You can preview animated GIFs in search images results.

This extension helps you to find GIFs with animation on the preview itself. No need to view the image and find out whether it’s an animated GIF or not. You can view how an example search looks like here.

What do you think of this extension? Do let us know in comments.


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