View and Extract Images from WebPages Using Some Amazing FireFox Addons

FireFox internet browser is indeed feature rich and have loads of options but in terms of image viewing the browsers option set is quite limited. Users are not able to click on  multitude of images in a single tab plus the zooming capability is also not that effective.

But there are certain add-ons available for FireFox that fix both the zooming and the image browsing problems. In fact if you tend to have FireFox as your default internet browser then you will definitely love to have these add-ons. Here is how these FireFox add-ons work:


Web Slide Show Add-on

First up is the Web Slide Show for FireFox, this particular add-on grabs images from a webpage and creates a stunning slide show using all of those images. The add-on is launched from the right-click. The good thing about this FireFox add-on is that it shows all the images in full-size. The slide show that is being created houses all the options to customize image viewing experience.Users can:


  • Save images from any current webpage
  • Zoom images so that they fit your entire screen
  • Increase the speed of Slideshow
  • Repeat/Pause or play the slideshow
  • View all the images one-by-one manually with some dedicated controls

Web Slide Show add-on also supports social networking platforms and web services like Google, Picassa Web and Wikipedia.

The tool has scores of settings that can be used to customize the viewing experience:

  • Loops can be incorporated in slideshow viewing for endless timing
  • Time out for a slideshow can also be adjusted
  • Images can be zoomed to fit the computer screen using built-in settings

Image Tools Add-on

This is basically a fun add-on that improves the image-viewing screen with the addition of several useful options that allow users to view all the images from a current website or more specifically a webpage. Image Tools add-on is activated by right-click menu, and it displays a set of images in a prescribed manner. Moreover, using this add-on users can also open any kind of an image by dragging them to the FireFox.Image-Tools-FireFox-addon The image viewing panel in this add-on have options that include:

  • Zooming an image (In/Out)
  • Set the frame and background color for a particular image on a current webpage
  • Save the image
  • Ability to edit an image directly on

Undoubtedly, both of these add-ons are pretty simple and easy to use and they increase the image viewing capability of FireFox specially for multiple images.


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