Vintager – The Simplest Form of Image Editor

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

The same myth works in every step – even in image editing. The simplest image can be an eye-catching image and stand out from the crowd. But, the first step to make an astonishing image is thinking. You must have a decent imagination power for creative image editing.

Vintager – The Simplest Form of Image Editor

There are many people, who can conceive, but cannot make that done. Although, there could have several reasons behind this failure, but using a good image editor is the leading roadblock. You must have a useful image editing tool to accomplish your imagination. Photoshop, GIMP, etc. is the perennial photo editing tool what is being used by millions of people across the world. But, everybody cannot use those tools in the right way and that yields no result.

However, if you want to give a professional touch to your images, stick to Photoshop. But, if you need a basic editor, here is the tool. This simplest image editor is called Vintager. Don’t worry; it can give you more options apart from only vintage effect. Vintager is a free image editing software that is available on Windows and it works on almost all latest versions of Windows. You can install this software on a Windows PC having minimum hardware.

User Interface

Vintager Interface with Image

The visual design is neat and clean. As it has only a couple of features, you won’t get a messy user interface. Although, this is the Flat UI era, but still this image editing software comes with old, gradient user interface. The only problem is you cannot resize the Vintager window since it is fixed.

Features of Vintager

As mentioned above, it has fewer features, let’s take a look into them.

Add Frame

If your image’s edges are not clear and it needs a final touch to cover them, use a frame. It has a couple of frames what can be used on any image.


Crop Image using Vintager

Alike other regular and professional image editing utilities, Vintager also has Crop tool. It does what it says.

Rotate and Flip

If you have captured an image in landscape mode from your phone, you can simply use this option to rotate it. You can rotate any image as clockwise and vice versa. Besides rotate, you can also flip any image.

Color Adjustment

If you want to adjust the color of your image, just make use of this option. Even though, huge amount of options is not included in this tool, but you can simply change the brightness and contrast.


This is yet another basic feature of any image editing software. You can either use the interlinked resizing feature, or manual methods. What does interlinked resizing method mean? It means, if you make height 50%, the width of the image will be reduced automatically.

Predefined Effect

If you want to do more than just adding a frame or cropping, you can simply add some predefined effects. Just click on any effect to implement.

Bulk Effect Adder

This is the best feature of Vintager. You cannot find this option in the Vintager window. But, it appears when you will go to save any image.

How to Edit and Apple Effect in Bulk?

This is very easy and not yet much time consuming. At first, download and install Vontager on your PC. After opening it, you will get a start screen that looks something like the following picture;

Vintager Start Screen

Now, open image(s) by clicking the Import button, which is located at the top left corner.

Open Image in Vintager

After that, you can use any tool, what is mentioned above.

At last, hit the Apply button to apply your changes. Now, you will get a pop up window where you will be asked the confirmation to apply the same changes on multiple images or not. If you want to do so, just hit the YES button. Otherwise, click on NO button.

Apply Effects in Bulk

That’s all!

If you are using Photoshop or GIMP or other similar software, then you will find it useless. But, this is good for them, who do not want to spend a lot of time or steps to do a simple thing or add a simple effect.

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