VPS Hosting Outline : Everything You Need To Know

Recently we have been experiencing sudden surge in traffic which was causing more and more downtimes in the shared server that we have been using. So we thought of moving to a dedicated server in order to meet the crisis situation.

But then as everybody knows dedicated servers cost a lot and as far as our traffic is concerned the resources of a dedicated server was redundant. So we had to look out for something that’s different. That is when we experimented with VPS

What’s the Difference between shared/VPS/dedicated hosting?

Shared Server VPS Dedicated
Resources Shared RAM, Shared CPU, Shared Disk Space Dedicated RAM and Disk Space, Shared CPU Dedicated RAM, CPU and Disk Space
Server Level
Not Allowed Allowed Allowed
Server Level
Software Installation
Pre-Installed OS, cPanel, LAMP installation varies with VPS
OS, cPanel, LAMP installation varies with VPS
Full Support Varies with provider Varies with provider
Cost less than $10/month for a standard plan with a good
>= $50/month on average for a quality one almost $100/month (on average) for a quality one

What does VPS offer that shared hosting doesn’t ?

Server level customization : If you have expertise with server level languages like PHP, MySQL, and Apache you might be interested in this type of hosting which allows you server level customization just like on a dedicated.

Burstable memory : Its like reserve resources which comes into play only when you need it. Rest of the time its idle. Let me be more clear about it. There are times when our websites gets a sudden rise in traffic due to several reasons. This is most popularly referred to as “Digg-Effect”. We experience a downtime on our websites and valuable traffic (and revenue in turn) gets affected. To cope up with situations like this a reserve pool of RAM comes into play to give the necessary backup for this extra traffic.

Scalability – You have many flexible plans to choose from. You can start small (1 site, no databases, etc) and grow (many sites, large Dbs, e-commerce, etc) without changing machines or upgrading.

What kind of Site Would Benefit From a VPS?

This is the most important question above all others. You have to evaluate your needs to answer this one. An e-commerce site with multiple, large databases (i.e. product catalogs, etc), high traffic, multiple sites, sites with dynamic content (say blogs), growing site etc…but not enough or above for a dedicated server will certainly be benefited if VPS is used. In a word, if your site needs resources that are just above the shared server resources and quite not enough that of a dedicated server you are definitely the one who needs VPS hosting.


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