How to watch Instagram Stories without the person knowing

Instagram rolled out the stories feature to its millions of users earlier last year and while many people initially mocked it for ripping it off from Snapchat, people started loving it eventually.

Even though it borrowed a lot of features from its rival Snapchat for its stories feature like automatic removal after 24 hours, adding stickers and other kind of filters to it and 24 hour live videos, it kind of innovated a few things like the AR stickers and polls.

However, one thing about Instagram stories which some people doesn’t really like is that it instantly shows if someone watches your stories or votes for your polls and there is not actually a way to avoid this, well until now.

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Previously if you open some person’s Instargam story, the particular person could view that you watched their story and vice versa, but if you want some privacy and actually prefer that people doesn’t know when you watch their stories, then you can follow the simple procedure below and it really takes less than a minute.

However, this method is currently only possible in the Google Chrome Browser on the web as you need a Chrome extension for it to work. Just follow the below steps:

How to watch Instagram Stories without the person knowing

Instagram Stories

Step 1:

Download and Install the Chrome IG Story extension from the Google Chrome web store.

Step 2:

Click on the Add to Chrome button near the extension to add it to your Google Chrome browser and once the extension is successfully installed you will get a new icon at the top right corner of your browser to access it.

Step 3:

Now open on your Chrome browser and then log in to your Instagram account.

Step 4:

Once you are successfully logged in, just click on the Chrome IG Story Extension at the top right corner of your browser and it will now synchronize with your Instagram account and will fetch all your Instagram stories for you.

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Step 5:

You can now download any person’s Instagram story, even if you are not following them and then watch it offline without them ever knowing. You can even search for people’s profiles or download stories or popular live videos using this Chrome extension.

Instagram Stories

The best thing about this extension is once you have logged in to your Instagram account from the Chrome browser, you can just click on the icon every time you want to view someone’s story, you don’t even have to visit the Instagram website anymore.


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