How to Watch YouTube Video While Doing Other Tasks in Chrome

YouTube is one of the best sources to learn everything visually. Generally, our mind captures visuals faster than anything else and YouTube is doing the same thing by giving people the access to upload videos. Loads of people are earning money from YouTube as well. Anyway, if you watch YouTube videos a lot, you might have spent hundreds of hours to watch different videos. Generally, people cannot get out of YouTube after watching only one video.

YouTube has such a great layout and interesting content that people click on other links after watching one video. Hence, most of the people end up wasting their valuable time watching videos those are actually useless.

How to Watch YouTube Video While Doing Other Tasks in Chrome

At the same time, some people use this video broadcasting site to learn various things. If you are one of them, who want to watch YouTube videos while doing something else like Facebook or Twitter, here is a solution. You do not have to split the screen into multiple sections to put YouTube window alongside Facebook or Twitter.

If you use Chrome as your primary web browser, here is an extension that will aid you watch any YouTube video and do any other tasks simultaneously. A small YouTube player will be added on your screen that is movable and resizable. That means, no matter what you are doing i.e. reading article, doing Facebook, tweeting or anything, you can easily watch the YouTube video.

Watch YouTube Video While Doing Other Tasks in Chrome

Here is the extension called SidePlayer that will let you do anything that is mentioned above. This is certainly a free Chrome extension and you can install it in the latest version of Chrome.

To watch YouTube video and do other tasks, just install SidePlayer in Chrome. Following that, you will have to restart the browser. This is only for the first time users. Thereafter, you do not have to do this again. Now, click on the new icon that is positioned on your extension bar (next to URL bar). You will get it something like this,

Sideplayer for chrome start screen

Just open, copy the video link and paste it in the SidePlayer box. Following that, it will be started playing.

Sideplayer for Chrome

Now you can do anything else. If you change the tab, you have to click on the SidePlayer logo again to resume the video.

At the same time, you can also click on the SidePlayer button that will be placed on the video thumbnail after installing the extension. It looks like this,

Play in Sideplayer icon on YouTube video

Wrap Up

Obviously, this is not recommended to do two things at a time. It will eventually waste your time. But, if you really want to do so, just use this extension. As this is free, there is nothing to lose. Hope it will let you watch YouTube video without any headache.


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