Stress Test Your Website For Large Traffic With LoadImpact

Load testing is the process of putting demand on a system and measuring it’s response. Website load testing is performed to determine whether a website can handle a huge amount of traffic for a short period of time.

Let’s us suppose you run a website that get’s a few hundred hits every day. One of your recent blog post went viral on Digg or Techmeme, consequently inviting thousands of visitors over a short period of time.  The rush in traffic causes heavy bandwidth usage and if your website is hosted on a low bandwidth quota – you might want to perform a free load test and check whether your website is ready for such accidental traffics.

LoadImpact is an online load testing service which lets you perform a stress test on your website. Just enter the URL of your (or any other website), hit the “Start Load Test” button and wait for sometime till LoadImpact performs it’s job. You can have several different test configurations and run the tests whenever you want. The test results are stored on the system for easy access at any time.

Here are the load test results for this site

The free version of Load Impact lets you test up to 50 concurrent connections (Agree the number is way less when compared to the large volume of traffic your website might receive every single hour). As it turns out, the load test curve can act as a good indication whether your website can handle a huge rush of traffic from social media websites like Digg, Tweetmeme or Stumbleupon.

Another advantage of using LoadImpact is that while simulating the traffic from 50 test clients, the tool also records how fast your website loads from the server – when 50 clients are accessing the same page from different locations at the same time.

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