Welcome to Ampercent

Technology has touched almost every sphere of life in some way or the other. We write emails, surf websites, create documents, watch videos and so much more. Now, doing these wonderful things are easy but in most of the cases common people don’t get answer to uncommon problems.

That’s why we created Ampercent – to talk about day to day computer problems and technology recipes. It’s our  playground to talk about computers, software and productivity tips which would make you technically self driven.

Ampercent covers the following topics

  • Internet News
  • Software guides
  • Computer How to’s
  • Web tools
  • Blogging and WordPress
  • Email Tips
  • Windows and operating systems
  • Browsers, extensions and plugins
  • Tips, tricks and technology tutorials.

The blog is written by Amit and Soumen who apart from geeks, are really good friends and cherish their dream of sharing information and learning new things every day. You can Subscribe to our Content, read the detailed FAQ or Contact us.



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