What Makes Google Chrome Different from Firefox And IE ?

Google has now released a very user friendly browser called Google Chrome. Google Chrome has some nice  features and experts suggest that unlike Firefox, Google’s own browser is much secured, looks clean and more user friendly. Lets take a look at what are the unique features of Google chrome what makes this new browser different from Firefox and Internet Explorer

Task Manager in A browser

Google Chrome has an inbuilt task Manager which works the same way as the default task manager program of Windows. To open Google Chrome’s task manager, simply hit Shift+Escape on your keyboard or pull down the options menu and select “Task manager”

The advantage of using Chrome’s task manager is that you can see which processes, plugins, extensions or browser plugins are consuming memory on your system.  Unlike Mozilla Firefox, which consumes a good amount of memory if you have a lot of add-ons and tabs working in the background, Google Chrome allows you to close a specific browser tab, plugin or extension without having to kill the entire process and restart the browser.

Google Chrome task manager

When you have a lot of webpages or applications running on different tabs, you can use the task manager to “Kill” a specific tab or plugin which is not responding and causing the browser to freeze. You can also know which website is slowing down the performance of Google Chrome, in case it slows down.

2.Better Contextual Menus than Firefox or Internet Explorer

Firefox and Internet Explorer has long menus with options that are hardly used. Google Chrome is a bit different and the context menu of Chrome, shows you only the possible actions that can be performed, once you click a link or an option. This is far better, nobody likes long list of menus with too many unnecessary options or controls.

3.Fewer Browser Crashes

Google Chrome runs each browser tab as a separate process. So if one website fails to respond, it won’t freeze the entire browser. So this is great for the users who work with a lot of open tabs and find that their browser responds slowly after a couple of hours.

4.Reopen Closed tabs with a click


Sometimes you may accidentally close a webpage or multiple open tabs in the browser and wonder whether there is any way to reopen accidentally closed tabs in the browser.

Google Chrome’s new tab page lets you quickly open the pages you were browsing recently. Simply open a new tab and you will see a list of links under the section “Recently closed tabs”, you can either open all of them in a new browser tab or window or selectively open only a specific tab you want.

5.Personalized Profiles for Security

Google Chrome lets you set “private browsing modes” which makes it impossible for anyone to know what you have surfed, which websites you have visited and the URL’s you have typed in the address bar. While using Chrome’s incognito mode, the browser won’t save anything in it’s cache, no browsing history will be recorded, no sessions would be stored and neither any cookies will be stored permanently on your computer.

Google Chrome also lets you create separate profiles for better, private and secure browsing

6. A personalized home Page

Google Chrome saves a personalized home page which keeps the links those sites which you visit quite often. This feature is completely automatic which helps you quickly open your favorite websites. There is no need to bookmark a link, if you have browsed that website yesterday – chances are that it will be shown in your Google Chrome personalized home page.

I have been using Google Chrome for the last few weeks and all I can say is that the browser is really fast, looks sleek and the graphical user interface feels really great to the eye. Here are some other Google Chrome tips and tricks which are worth checking out:

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