WhatsApp has Launched Desktop Apps for Windows and Mac

When two people launched WhatsApp, nobody thought that this simple instant messaging service would gain such a huge success. However, WhatsApp did it and did beyond everyone’s expectations. Now WhatsApp is having more than 300 million users from across the globe. There is always a smart technique behind every app’s success and WhatsApp has no such exception. WhatsApp is now absolutely free, has end-to-end encryption and available for almost all the platforms people use.

Previously, WhatsApp was designed for Symbian, blackberry and java mobiles. However, WhatsApp launched apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. But, still there was a problem. People who use computer a lot, had an issue. They could not reply every time while using mobile and PC together. Therefore, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp for Web for PC users so that they can be connected all the time and without any major problem.

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Now, the good news is you can download the standalone WhatsApp app for Windows and Mac as WhatsApp has launched two different apps for two different platforms. Although, you cannot find any major difference between WhatsApp for Web and WhatsApp app, yet, the app is a standalone part, which can be opened and closed without opening or closing the browser tab.

Like said before, there is no such difference between these two things. In fact, this is quite same as WhosDown, which is a free Windows software that assists users to connect WhatsApp without any web browser. However, if you are using Mac, then this is completely new thing for you. However, the user interface is almost same as the web version of WhatsApp. That means, you can find contacts on your left hand side and the right side will be opened for doing chats. Alike previous edition, you can send attachments including pictures and files.

However, the one and only addition in this standalone app of WhatsApp is you can create group chat, which was not possible in web version of WhatsApp. To create a group chat, just open WhatsApp on your PC, go to WhatsApp >> New group. Following that, you would be able to add friends, group name and picture so that you can identify your group quickly.

To start using WhatsApp on Windows or Mac, you may have to follow the following steps. Although, this is quite same as web version, but if you still want to know, do follow the subsequent steps.

At first, download WhatsApp app to your computer. After opening it, you will get a QR code that you have to scan using your mobile. Follow the screen option as per your mobile platform and scan the code. Just after that, you will get all your WhatsApp contacts with chats on your monitor. Then, you can chat with anybody right from computer. However, one thing you should keep in mind that your mobile should be connected to the internet all the time. otherwise, it won’t work.

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