What is WhatsApp Status and How to Enable it

WhatsApp is becoming more like a social network with a brand new update called “WhatsApp status” on their 8 birthday on February 24. WhatsApp is going to make a big change from boring status ” Hey There, I’m using WhatsApp ” to something new with visual graphics. Until now, after 6 months the video calling facility is enabled, WhatApp is one of the best true heritage messaging apps. This application makes out a newly revamped status feature, with this way we can share our experience every day with the other contacts. This features WhatsApp allows you to share videos picture and GIFs with the other contacts, that will disappear after 24 hours from the upload time. Sound like a familiar? Yes! It should. It is an exact clone of emulated Snapchat and Instagram stories, but the feature is a little bit unique. The uniqueness is the WhatsApp status allow you to get a view, how many times people see your status.

How to get “WhatsApp status” on your device

Just update WhatsApp from your Google Play Store. If there is no update available for your installed WhatsApp, please wait for a few days more. It will be coming soon and roll out gradually for your device. This facility is available for all Android, iPhone, Windows users. This WhatsApp status features will roll out globally; it starts the journey from users in Europe mainly.

What is WhatsApp Status and How to Enable it

What does make “WhatsApp Status” special

After updating completely, open it and you can see a new tab on it called Status beside the chat option. From there you can update your status, and you can also share with your friends. At the most important word is that you can see the individual people view your update status. This status facility will no longer like a boring text message. instead for increasing the engagement of this application you can express yourself with a short video, GIFs, special photos individually and it will be disappearing after 24 hours.

According to the WhatsApp developers, all the status posted within the status tab will also be very secure which end to end encrypted.

There are two techniques with them you can make and change your status in WhatsApp

Method #1

Just open the WhatsApp application. You can see a new tab with camera icon instead of the WhatsApp calling option. Just swipe right to open this option. Now you can capture and take short clip video to make out your new WhatsApp status.

Method #2

You have to open WhatsApp. You can see a new tab called status. Just open it. You can see two individual columns; one is my status another is recent updates @WhatsApp. No just click on my status option and the WhatsApp camera is open. Now click on the captured button to make your new WhatsApp status.

Final Words 

After making WhatsApp status you can able to create a visible list to your contacts i.e. by default, you can also change with them to my contacts expect or only share with as like as the old status you do.

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