WhatsApp is going to get a Web Version (Web.whatsapp.com)

WhatsApp, probably the most useful, fastest and easy to use instant messenger, is going receive a web version. WhatsApp has been available for all mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, Java and others. Every mobile user can use this awesome instant messaging app on their mobile.

WhatsApp is going to get a Web Version

There are plenty of reasons why WhatsApp has got such a huge success. Obviously, they have been working hard since the initial days. However, after being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has been become more concerned about user’s privacy. Therefore, WhtsApp has got couple of updates to play with Privacy of users. That is the first reason, why WhatsApp is so much popular because rest of the similar apps are not so much concerned about the privacy. The second reason is it provides maximum facilities to the users. The third reason is this is very fast and consumes minimum bandwidth.

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Anyway, that is a different story. Although, WhatsApp is available on all mobile platforms to let users connect with friends, relatives and anybody else, but still there is something missing for PC users. That is because WhatsApp is not available for PC. That is where Vibe excels. Vibe is another great instant messenger that is available for all mobile platforms as well as PC. However, this is possible to use WhatsApp on your PC using several ways, but none of them is enduring. You supposed to create a virtual screen for using WhatsApp. The latest trick is AirDroid to use WhatsApp on your PC.

Now, here is a good news for you if you are waiting for WhatsApp for PC. According to Android World, WhatsApp is going to launch a web version of WhatsApp. Android World authority has got some evidence that simply implies that WhatsApp for web. In the code of WhatsApp for Android, some lines of code are included that should be for a web version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp code for web version


Apart from the aforementioned lines of code, the above mentioned web address is still under development. Something is happening behind this web address since it is being redirected to Google sign in page. Nevertheless, nothing is happening after entering Google credential.

Bottom Line

Although, these two things have been revealed but there is no such official announcements on this matter. But, it seems, WhatsApp is not going to include this feature in the next year, 2015. Their first task is voice calling, which is under development.

What do you think about this? Should WhatsApp launch a web version?


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