WhatSim – A Dedicated SIM to use WhatsApp for Free

Who does not use WhatsApp? Every smartphone owner uses this awesome instant messaging service to connect with his/her friends. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services out there, which was acquired by Facebook back in 2014. After the acquisition, a lot of things have been improved and privacy is one of them.

Recently, WhatsApp launched their desktop version that is accessible on Google Chrome web browser. However, there are more other updates those are being included in this cross platform application every day.

In various emerging countries, different network service providers often provide data plans to use WhatsApp and Facebook. The cost is minimum. On the other hand, WhatsApp also consumes very less bandwidth if you use it only for text chatting.

WhatSim - A Dedicated SIM to use WhatsApp for Free

We use WhatsApp everywhere – even when we are travelling. But, we often face a problem. That is data connection. According to some professionals, there is no such free WiFi. Public WiFi is not much secure as well. If you have a cellular data connection, that might not be working on roaming. In a simple line, there is a bunch of problems around us to use internet or just WhatsApp.

To solve those complications in just a second, a new generation SIM card has been lunched. WhatSim is such an innovative SIM card that helps users to be connected with friends via WhatsApp from anywhere. No matter, where you are, but you can use WhatsApp using WhatSim on your mobile.

What is WhatSim?

WhatSim is nothing but a regular SIM card. But, obviously, it has more brilliant features than a regular SIM card. Actually, WhatSim is a multi-network supported SIM card that can connect more than 400 mobile operators and work almost 150 countries.

WhatSim - A Dedicated SIM to use WhatsApp for Free

Multi-network supported SIM card is not a new thing. We have previously seen such SIM cards those can connect with more than one networks. But, this WhatSim is very unique and much innovative because it supports more than 400 mobile operators. It seems, there is no other cellular network that will not be supported by WhatSim.

Although, the SIM card is launched, but the entire workflow is still not disclosed. As of now, WhatSim works in almost of developed as well as emerging countries, including Afghanistan, Germany, Bosnia, China, Croatia, India, UAE, United States, United Kingdom and more others. You can find the entire list at here.

The cost of this SIM is very minimum. Although, in some countries, it costs only €5 (~$05.68) but the normal price is €10. The recharge will be started from February 26, 2015.

Considering all the things of WhatSim, this is confirmed that it is indeed very useful for everyone, who uses WhatsApp a lot. So, stay tuned to get more information.

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