WhySoSlow: Find Out What Makes Your PC Slow

Almost all types of gadgets like mobile, computer, tablet becomes comparatively slower after using for few days. The root of the slowness can be different in different gadgets. Sometime, it can be a hardware related problem or sometime it can be a software related issue. We can easily solve slow startup problem in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 by removing unnecessary added programs.

Windows 10 Tweak

But, most of the people face problem after booting up the device. As mentioned before, the root of the problem can be different. Therefore, the solution is different as well. Sometime, you will have to look at your hardware if that is not good enough to run your installed programs when sometime, you will have to look at your number of installed software. High numbers can ruin your high tech hardware. Obviously, they are designed to carry more programs faster, but there is always a limit. If you cross the limit, you will certainly get the worse experience.

If you are suffering from a serious slow computer issue, here is a tool that will let you assist to find out what makes your PC so slow. WhySoSlow is a freeware and this is currently available in beta version. That means, you will have to wait for few more days to use it as a bug-free version.

What is WhySoSlow?

WhySoSlow is a simple Windows software that will help you to find out the source of your computer slowness. It will scan different things to rate that. It includes CPU speed, CPU temperature, CPU load, Kernel responsiveness, App responsiveness, Memory load and Hard pagefaults.


It sets a maximum value for every single thing mentioned above. Following that, it will scan the whole system. Whenever, any value crosses the benchmark, you can find a change in the respective WhySoSlow window.

Apart from that, it comes with some other shortcuts including

  • Power configuration
  • Disk defragmenter and drive optimization
  • Remove programs from your computer that you don’t need
  • Put your computer to sleep

Under the Tools tab, you can find Reset Default Configuration and Analyze your system and generate a report options too. You can utilize them to do what it defines.

WhySoSlow Tools Window

Whenever, you will get any red cross in the Status window, you will have to look into that matter because that is what makes your PC slow. For example, if you get red cross before CPU Load, just make sure that you do not have loads of running apps because more running apps and processes make the PC slower.

In the Settings menu, you can find different options to use it according to your wish. For instance, you will get the following options,

  • Hide/show icon in tray
  • Remove app from taskbar
  • Default temperature scale (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
  • Run it with startup

And more others.

Availability of WhySoSlow

The most interesting thing is WhySoSlow is available for almost all Windows versions including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 etc. There is no such special system requirements. That is a plus point of this tool.

So, just download WhySoSlow and start using this.

Note: You may find different value on the Status tab because all those things vary from hardware to hardware.

Soluto is another software that can help you to fix slow computer.

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