Fix Windows Doesn’t Have A Network Profile For This Device Error

If you are trying to connect a speaker or printer with your Windows 10 computer but you are getting an error message called Windows doesn’t have a network profile for this device, this article will let you fix that issue within moments. You do not have to go through a lot of things if you can identify the cause. However, if you cannot figure out what is generating this problem, you might have to follow some tips and tricks to get it resolved.

In this article, you can find all the effective tips and tricks that are gathered from various forum users.

1. Use The Inbuilt Troubleshooter

Use The Inbuilt Troubleshooter

As you are using Windows 10, you can find some inbuilt troubleshooters those can fix common problems like this one. Previously, you had to download the troubleshooter from the Microsoft website. However, now you do not have to do that since Microsoft has included some essential troubleshooters in the system. Therefore, you can follow the following steps to run the troubleshooter and fix your problem within moments.

However, Microsoft doesn’t offer a troubleshooter for this particular problem. As this problem occurs with speaker, printer, etc., you can use the corresponding troubleshooter to fix that issue.

To get started, press the Win + I button together to open the Windows Settings panel. After that, go to Update & Security > Troubleshoot. Now, you need to run these following troubleshooters-

  • Internet Connections: As this problem is related to the network profile, you might need to check out this troubleshooter.
  • Printer: if you are not able to connect your printer, do use this troubleshooter.
  • Bluetooth: If you are not able to connect some external device via Bluetooth, this troubleshooter will do the job.
  • Network Adapter: This is the main troubleshooter you need to use.

Do follow all the screen options and get it fixed.

2. Check Product Compatibility

If you have recently purchased an external device, which is showing such error message, this tip might not work for you. However, if your device is aged and you are getting this problem, you should check whether the external device is compatible with Windows 10 or not. You can directly call the customer care, or you can visit the official website of your product to check whether you can use the device with Windows 10 machine or not.

3. Set Network Profile To Private

When you are trying to connect a device with the same router’s range, you need to make your PC discoverable. Otherwise, the external device won’t be able to detect your computer. While setting up the internet connection, if you have chosen Public, your PC is not discoverable. In that case, you need to make your PC Private. To verify that, open the Windows Settings panel and go to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. On your right-hand side, you should find the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Click that button and check whether the Network Profile is set as Public or Private. If it is set to Public, you need to select Private and save your change. After that, restart your computer and check if it solves your problem or not.

4. Update Network Driver

Update Network Driver on Windows 10

Having an updated network driver is required when you are trying to connect a recently launched external device via Wi-Fi. If you do not have an updated driver, follow these steps to get it done.

At first, open Device Manager. You can search for that in the taskbar search box. In the Device Manager, expand the Network adapters menu and right-click on the driver. After that, select Update driver option.

If you already have the latest driver on your computer, choose “Browse my computer for the driver software.” Otherwise, select the other option. Now, you need to follow all the screen instructions to install the latest driver.

5. Uninstall/Reinstall/Reset Network Adapter/Driver

Uninstall Reset Network Driver in Windows 10

Sometimes it is just an internet error that causes such a problem. At such moment, you can do whatever is mentioned in the title. For that, you need to open the Device Manager. In Device Manager window, expand the Network adapters section > right-click on the correct driver > select Properties. Now you need to switch to the Driver tab, where you can find all the options such as Disable Device, Uninstall Device, etc. If you want to reset the network adapter, you can use the Disable Device option. On the other side, you can use the Uninstall Device option to remove the driver from your computer so that you can install it freshly.

6. Restart SNMP Trap

Enable SNMP Trap Service

This is an inbuilt service, and it can cause this problem. Therefore, you should check whether it is running or not. If it is not running, you must start it. But, if it is running, you need to restart this service. To do that, open the Services window. Here you should find a label called SNMP Trap. Double-click on this service and check if the Service status is set to Running. If it is showing as Stopped, you need to choose Automatic from the Startup type drop-down menu and hit the Start button.

After that, restart your computer and check if the problem remains or not.

7. Disable All Microsoft Services

Sometimes you can face the problem because of some internal services running for a particular app. In that case, you can follow this tutorial to stop all the third-party background services and check if you can connect to the external device or not. To do this, search for “msconfig” in the taskbar search box and open the System Configuration window. Then, go to Services tab and make a tick in the checkbox that says Hide all Microsoft services.

After that, select all the services and click the Disable all button. Then, restart your computer and check if you are still getting the problem or not.

That’s it! Many people have got help from these solutions, and I hope you will be able to fix your problem as well.

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