Windows Live Writer Problem – How to Retain Dashes in Image File Names

When you publish blog posts from Windows Live Writer and attach images – the dashes, spaces and underscores are stripped from the image file name. For example: If you attach an image with a file name “my-post-image.png” the end result is “mypostimage.png”. (when you upload or publish the post in your blog).

This file name of the resulting image has the following disadvantages:

1. Search engines prefer images whose file name contains words separate by dashes or underscores.

2. Words in image file names separated by dashes are easier to read.

There are alternative ways to solve this problem. You can upload the images from WordPress post editing panel or upload the image to your image upload folder using FTP tools. Then you can copy the image URL and use the image in Windows Live writer from “Insert image from URL” function.

Both the above methods require some extra effort and thus you would want a quick an easy solution. That’s when Rightupload comes to the rescue.

After you have installed the application, open the program interface and go to “Tools > options”. Click on “New server” and enter the FTP details of your blog and the folder where you store the images of blog posts.

Remember to enter the URL mask as:$file

Switch to the Advanced tab of the program and hit “Enable context menu” option. Make sure you keep “When finished, close Rightupload immediately” checkbox selected.

You are all done. Compose a new blog post in Windows Live writer and when you want to attach an image, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Right click the image and select the image upload folder of your blog from “Send to” context menu.

2. As soon as you select the RightUpload icon, the image is uploaded in default image upload folder of your blog and the URL is copied to Windows Clipboard.

3. Open Windows Live Writer, click the “Insert Image icon” and hit ” Ctrl + V ” in the Picture URL field to attach the image in the blog post. You are done.

When you publish the post or save it as draft, the dashes won’t be stripped from the image file name anymore. Tip: Send screenshots, files and folders to FTP from desktop.


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