ThingCharger: A Wire Free Charging Station For Your Phone, Laptop and Other Devices

Wire clutter is a huge mess.

No matter where you are working, whether you are at home, on your office, in school, you need those chargers with you and you need a power outlet where you can charge all your devices. To me, I use a Windows laptop, a macbook, an Android phone, a bluetooth wireless headset, a camera, a wireless mouse and a couple of other gadgets. If you are on my shoes, you would imagine the clutter these chargers and wires generates. These wires actuallly causes visual stress, adds up fatigue to your brain and is a major turn off for many.

Tangled-Power-Cords I have tried to tackle this situation many a times without success. I have switched to bluetooth headphones, that was a refreshing change from the good old wired headphones which always got tangled in my pocket. Next, I have switched to a wireless mouse, which solves the wire issue but then it has to be charged every once in a while. But with laptop chargers and mobile chargers – there seems to be no escape.

One company is trying to solve the mess with their new intelligent product, they are calling it Thingcharger.

Thingcharger is not just another charging solution for your gadgets and electronic devices. Its a brilliantly deisgned tool which removes the messy clutter generated by wires. No more wires, a completely re-imagined wire free charger for all your devices.


Thingcharger consists of a two power outlets on the front, two USB slots on the bottom and one charging port on the top. The package comes with detachable charging slots for all types of phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic equipments. So all you need to do is fix a charging slot that matches with your gadget on the top section of THingCharger and you can charge your device without wires.

Thingcharger also has the regular charging ports so your wall power source is always free and ready to be used, if you need them. This is a refreshing change from contemporary charging stations that are huge in size and doesn’t fit in office desks or in smaller households.


One good thing about Thingcharger is that you can combine multiple Thingchargers and charge multiple phones or tablets, all at once. It can also act as a very good travel charger which will let you charge your devices on the go. No, Thingcharger does not have a Powerbank in it but its a great replacement for your regular charger which creates and contributes to the wire mess and clutter.

Thingcharger is not available for sale right now, you can however preorder one for $42 only.


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